Jib Cranes

If you need to lift pieces that are too heavy to handle by hand, or have limited space, a Jib Crane might be the solution you need. From small machine shops to high tech manufacturing facilities, there are many applications that benefit from the precision, strength and space-saving size of a Jib Crane.

Our Solutions:

Norelco specializes in the design and supply of 0 to 360 degree rotation Jib Cranes. These Jib Cranes can be supplied as wall mounted or a freestanding design allowing for a variety of options to accommodate your individual requirements.

Norelco capabilities for standard design requirements range from 500kg to 5000kg, with Boom lengths and lift heights of 20’-0”. These designs can be manufactured and delivered with minimal lead time. With Norelco’s engineering and design ability, Norelco is able to fabricate larger Jib equipment to suit any required application.

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