With over 40 years of crane building experience, Norelco has gained recognition as the premier choice of engineering consultants for major industrial material handling projects worldwide.

We are able to accommodate virtually any load lifting application by designing economical solutions to suit your needs. Here’s just a few of the ways we’re working with industries like yours today.


We work with customers in the construction industry to supply a wide range of cranes to help them run their projects more efficiently. We often supply overhead Bridge Cranes and Hoists to help with the initial setup and completion of new facilities.


In the manufacturing industry, any efficiencies you can create in your workflow can increase your profitability. Oftentimes, these efficiencies are created with automation and with equipment that helps the job get done more quickly. Working with manufacturers we find and apply solutions to streamline the way they do their jobs. With a variety of lifting options, from Jib Cranes and workstations to monorails and larger overhead Bridge Cranes to help move materials over greater distances for larger manufacturing needs.


Mining today depends on variety of heavy equipment. Norelco cranes are extensively used in the installation and maintenance of this equipment, as well as offering solutions to lift materials, in challenging and harsh, remote environments. Along with conveyor tension and lifting winches, Norelco has the ability to so supply lifting equipment for all mining applications. We aim to provide heavy duty solutions that can withstand the wear and tear of the environment. Your team can depend on Norelco.

Energy & Power

We supply cranes to different types of facilities ranging from nuclear power plants to Hydro Electric Dams to wind farms. We know the importance of reducing downtime and provide equipment power providers can truly rely on. With a wide range of applications, our team of experts will work with you to ensure we deliver the lifting solution that best fits your power generation project.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas industry customers come to us for solutions to help streamline their production plan as well as their refining process. For these projects, we often provide a solution from our catalogue of equipment to help production sites and petrochemical plants run with efficiency. These challenging environments rely on the durability of Norelco lifting equipment.

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